• Mulch


All of our mulch is triple shredded.

We offer this mulch material with no fillers! 100% hardwood barks creating a beautiful dark brown color in the mulch. The fibers lock together, allowing this particular mulch to stay in place nicely. Recommended as an excellent product for hills/sloped areas due to its resistant to washout. Great for natural areas as a top dressing for a finished look.

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch- "Like all of our mulch, it is triple shredded, aged, ground "bark" from hardwood trees, mostly oak.



Cedar, when available, is great for any outdoor project.  It even has some insect-deterring qualities.



Pine- as our other mulch options, this too is triple shredded and comes from ground "bark". 

What Users Say

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Amy NC

I feel very fortunate to have Elkins Sawmill located close to my home and farm.  I greatly appreciate the fact that it is a family run business that has been owned by several generations.  The owners and staff are very friendly and accommodating, making sure that I receive exactly what I need for my farm.